When will it happen? – CNN

It’s not even clear how long the new plan will take to implement.

The Trump administration’s top job, the Secretary of Homeland Security, is a job that has historically been filled by people from the military.

Trump also appointed retired Gen. John Kelly, a former Army commander and Trump campaign manager, to be the new head of DHS.

The president has also tapped retired Gen., and former Homeland Security chief, Gen. Michael Chertoff to lead the Justice Department.

Kelly, who was a deputy attorney general under President Barack Obama, has repeatedly argued against the use of the phrase “extreme vetting” for people who are not already on the government’s radar.

Kelly also is a frequent critic of the use, as a general practice, of “extreme screening” in vetting individuals for immigration.

Trump has called the practice “a waste of money and time” and a “bait and switch” to circumvent immigration laws.

On Monday, the Trump administration told Congress it plans to issue a “new DHS policy” on immigration enforcement and “extreme” vetting of immigrants.

That policy, however, is expected to come as early as this week.

“The president’s directive for DHS is a very good first step,” said David Lapan, a spokesman for the advocacy group Americans for Legal Immigration, which is helping to coordinate the push for the DHS to adopt a more expansive policy.

But the Trump White House also has to decide how quickly it wants to adopt the policy and how many additional DHS officials to put in place, Lapan said.

The administration is working with DHS on its immigration policies, but is also waiting to see how many more officials will be needed to implement it.

“We are waiting to hear the policy, the language of it and the number of DHS officials,” Lapan told CNN’s Dana Bash.

“That’s the real challenge.

We have to do everything we can to get it done before the president’s executive order.”

Trump’s executive orders, which would have to be approved by Congress, are expected to take effect within weeks.

But it’s unclear if Trump will implement the policies he has laid out.

The first order called for a nationwide “national day of action” to pressure the administration to adopt “extreme-security vetting” measures.

The first day of the day is Oct. 21.

In addition, Trump is expected, on Wednesday, to announce that the Department of Homeland Protection will be renamed the Office of Immigration Review and that a new “Office of Immigration Security” will be created within the department.

Trump also wants to hire 10,000 new immigration officers, and he is expected on Wednesday to propose new border security policies that will put thousands of new border agents on the ground and expand the number that can work at airports.