What to know about the new immigration jobs list in the US

As Trump has ramped up the border wall and deported millions of undocumented immigrants, immigration advocates have been asking the question: what are the new jobs being created?

The new jobs list from the Department of Homeland Security and the Economic Opportunity Research Institute shows that the nation is seeing a big surge in the number of Americans looking for jobs, but the number looking for them has been shrinking.

The agency released the list Thursday, in response to a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Here are some of the most interesting findings from the report:Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which oversees immigration enforcement in the U.S., said the number was up 23 percent from January to February.

The number of job postings jumped by more than 1,000, or 18.2 percent, from January-February to 2,988.

There were also more job openings than there were people in the job listings.

There were 6,564 jobs available for entry-level, entry-skilled, and temporary workers.

The number of jobs for workers under age 25 rose by almost 300, or 7.4 percent.

More than 1.4 million people are eligible to receive a work authorization card, up from 2.4,000 in January, according to the report.

The agency expects the number to be closer to 2.3 million in March.

The Department of Labor said the job market was still struggling to get back to full employment.

The unemployment rate is now 4.9 percent, well above the rate of 5.5 percent that President Trump and congressional Democrats promised during the election.

“We still see the economic downturn still continuing.

We still see a lot of job losses.

We continue to see the recovery still lagging behind the economic recovery that we had,” Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta said.”

The unemployment rate has gone up in every month of the year, but this is not the recovery we were expecting,” Acosta added.