When Mexico is no longer a hotbed of crime, we’re going to have to stop trying to control it

The US is set to start regulating internet traffic in Mexico and other countries soon.

But as Mexico is experiencing an unprecedented economic downturn, some are concerned that the internet could become a breeding ground for online crime.

The US has already set up a special cybercrime unit to oversee online traffic in the country, but US Secretary of State John Kerry is set on increasing its powers and imposing stricter penalties on internet providers.US lawmakers are also preparing a bill that would criminalise any “cybercrime against a US person, company, or entity” – including online activity.

The bill would also impose a one-year jail sentence on anyone who has been charged with a cybercrime for using social media or a file sharing service.US President Donald Trump has previously vowed to shut down US internet providers if Mexico doesn’t cooperate with the US.

“If they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, then we’re gonna stop the flow of people through Mexico, the flow into the United States,” he said last year.

However, there is some doubt that Mexico will do much of anything to stop US authorities from getting into its internet.

Earlier this year, Mexico was among the first countries to block a new website that threatened to flood the internet with spam.

The website was called Paysnap, or Paying for the Press.

Its website had been shut down by the US government after it claimed to be a government service that paid for a journalist to write an article on the government’s plans to privatise public schools.