When Texas has a hurricane, so do we: Gov. Greg Abbott says

TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) Gov.

Robert Bentley said Tuesday he is confident the state will have at least one hurricane in its forecast in 2017, and he urged residents to prepare for what he called a “hurricane season.”

The governor spoke during a press conference to mark National Hurricane Week, saying the state is still recovering from the devastating storm Harvey.

Harvey devastated Texas in August, flooding major Texas cities and leaving the state reeling with an economy that has yet to fully recover.

Bentley said during the event that it’s the “time to get prepared.”

“I would encourage everyone in Texas to prepare and be ready for what is sure to be a hurricane season in 2017,” Bentley said.BENTLEY: We will have a lot of activity for sure this year.

But we’re prepared.

We’re ready.

We’ve been prepared for it.

It will be one of the most destructive hurricanes in our state’s history.

We will get a lot done in this state, and it will be an amazing season.