Morocco’s popular jobs are ‘a disaster’

Morocco’s national unemployment rate stands at 26.6 percent, with a population of just over 2.5 million, according to official figures released on Thursday. 

Morocco is also one of the countries with the lowest levels of public sector employment, with just 1.4 percent of the country’s total workforce in the government sector, according the World Bank’s regional bureau for Africa and the Horn of Africa. 

A study by the World Resources Institute (WRI) last year found that Morocco’s unemployment rate is higher than other African countries with a GDP of $2.5 trillion, such as South Africa and Tunisia. 

The country’s economic woes are being blamed on a lack of foreign investment, lack of skilled workers and corruption in the local economy.

Moroccan unemployment is the highest among African countries.

A study by researchers at the University of Southern Africa found that between 2005 and 2014, Morocco’s government failed to invest in the countrys infrastructure. 

While unemployment remains high, the country has experienced a rise in the number of people who are seeking work.

The World Bank estimates that between January and December of this year, the unemployment rate in Morocco rose to 25.9 percent, up from 19.4 in the previous quarter. 

In a press conference on Thursday, Morocco Prime Minister Abderrahim Al-Jaber said the country will not allow any more problems to arise. 

“The situation is not a crisis, but it’s a catastrophe,” he said. 

Al-Jaber added that he and the prime minister will seek the help of the international community and international organisations in order to solve the crisis. 

Last month, Al-Sabah said that Morocco will not be able to pay its bills until it can find a new source of foreign capital.