Israel’s population and jobs figures reveal no change in population figures

Israel’s Population and Jobs department has reported that the country’s population grew by 8 million in 2016, the largest annual growth since 2008.

The population was 6.5 million in 2010.

The growth in the country is not the biggest in the world, however.

The United States, with 1.5 billion people, had the highest growth in population between 2009 and 2016.

The number of Jews living in Israel was 10.6 million in the year 2016, according to the Population and Employment Department, while the country had 7.3 million in 2020.

In addition, Israel had 1.3 billion people in 2020, according the census.

The government says the population of the country increased by 5.1 million in 2017, which was the highest annual increase since 2010.

The ministry also said that the number of births increased by 7.2 million.

The Population and Development Ministry says that the population has been growing steadily for the past decade.

The latest population estimate is 7.9 million in 2018.

The growth in Israel’s GDP, however, is not as great as the US, at 5.4 percent.

The country’s unemployment rate is also still low, at 1.7 percent.

The unemployment rate of Jews was 8.9 percent in 2016.