How to find the best job for your future

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Food Services Supervisor, Alaska The job in Alaska involves working in the kitchen and serving meals to customers at restaurants, bars and cafes.

It pays $26,942 a year.


Information Technology Technician, Washington The most-expensive job in the state pays $42,876, but it doesn’t require a degree.


Information Systems Engineer, Alaska (non-computer) The state’s most-common IT position is a computer technician who installs software, but the job pays just $24,846 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Pharmacy Assistant, Washington (non computer) It pays $34,099, but many pharmacy technicians work for large pharmacies, so the salary is not guaranteed.


Food Server, Washington(non computer, health care) There is no guaranteed salary for a food server, but there are perks such as free snacks and lunch.


Customer Service Manager, Washington State (non health care, food service) While there are few jobs in the U