Aussie blogger to be a doctor in Peru – but will she be Australian?

Updated March 02, 2018 12:13:27 A freelance blogger who was due to be employed by a leading health service in Peru will now be working in the private sector in the city of Lima.

Amerie Choo, 31, is set to work for the National Institute of Health (INH), a government-run agency that manages public health services.

“My goal is to take my skills and my experience to help our country achieve its own high standards,” Ms Choo said.

“I have been able to contribute in a variety of areas, such as writing, social media, research, policy and advocacy.”

It is a big step to take to contribute to a nation where I have a chance to work.

“The news comes just a week after news broke of the US embassy in Peru accepting the Australian visa for an Australian who was to join her on a trip to the country.

Amber Choo was to be the first person to enter Peru on an Australian visa after being selected to join the Australian embassy staff in Lima, Peru, on March 6.

The move was met with widespread criticism from US media outlets who claimed that the embassy had not been transparent about its visa applications.

Ms Choo’s visa application was not immediately released.

Ms CHOO has since received an Australian-issued visa, which will allow her to work as an interpreter for health workers in Peru.

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